intends to provide website and application owners an alternate / additional form of non-intrusive monetization.

Optimize The Way You Monetize

We deliver an additional or alternate form of monetization. Since it’s nonintrusive, it doesn’t degrade the user experience. In fact, it enhances it, because your users can now be rewarded just for browsing your website. Get in on the new way to optimize the way you monetize your website now.

optimize now

Improves The User Experience

Since digital display advertising can be intrusive, it can downgrade the user experience. The added monetization empowers the website or application owner to display fewer ads or to go ad free.

Delivers a New Source Of Revenue

Today's website and application owners face declining ad revenues due to competition. They also face discriminatory payouts. Gath3r offers them a new, significant, and long-term solution, including multiple benefits for their users.


The users must opt-in to participate, and they are made aware of the system as they enter a website.

Builds User Loyalty

Gath3r does more than improve the user experience. It allows the user to earn payments based on the mining payments earned by the website. So they become especially loyal and spend more time on the site or app.

What Makes Gath3r Different

Our payout system allows website and application owners to be paid in Bitcoin, GTH tokens or, where permissible, through bank transfer. The miner can also be used to mine many different coins, maximizing profitability.

Our Mission

We intend to deliver our smart miner to websites and apps, so users can mine multiple algorithms and coins, dependent on the available hash rate and profitability. Gath3r centralizes profit without breaching privacy.

Our Approach

We let your users enjoy an ad-free experience when running the script in their browsers while they mine cryptocurrency for you. Browser mining has never been safer. Our uniqueness is lies in transparency, and we share the rewards, as well as any risks.