Our technology is harnessing the power of blockchain to help turn your traffic into revenue

How Does It Work?

Gath3r enables your website or application users to help you earn revenue through an in-browser crypto Smart Web Miner. To participate, each user must opt-in. So you have the user’s explicit consent, a requirement that builds trust.

Website and application owners can host our code on their respective platform(s) to earn crypto currency via our Smart Web Miner

The Web Miner utilizes a fraction of both the CPU and GPU spare computational power and can switch proof of work algorithms based on block and price profitability

Can already easily handle the load of over 100.000 websites or applications and their subsequent users

Transparency is ensured by an opt-in, through which every user is made aware of the system and its usage. They can accept to continue, as the user experience is completely unaffected.

The Paywall Program allows webmasters to collect payments in lieu of website mining, while the Loyalty Program encourages and rewards users who browse longer.

Token Details


Token Symbol

12,000 ETH
OR 5,000,000 USD

Hard Cap Of Sale

ERC 20

Token Type


Total Tokens To Be Sold


Decimal Places


Tokens Reserved For
Team And Advisors*


Total Tokens To Be Minted


Network Rewards **

*Team tokens vesting over 1 year, advisors over 3 months

**To be emitted over several years

***The Buy Back and Burn program would happen quarterly, with a total of up to 5% worth of the revenue

Token Distribution

Fund Utilization



A global network of computers uses blockchain technology to jointly manage the databases that record and verify virtual currency transactions.