Web & App Monetization through Blockchain technology

Gath3r is a blockchain platform offering an alternate ad-free form of revenue for website and application owners, compute power as a service (CPaaS) for enterprises to lower cloud computing costs significantly, and blockchain security for developers via our proprietary technology.

Early Adopters Program

Scalable, Secure and Profitable

The only platform that allows publishers and decentralized blockchains to mutually benefit from merged mining while offering Compute Power as a Service (CPaaS) to businesses via Gath3r network.

It’s digital monetization, simplified by Gath3r.

What We Do

For Publishers

Simply host our code on your website or app for free and start earning money. The higher the traffic on your website, the more you earn.

For Businesses

Utilizing Gath3r platform’s Compute Power as a Service (CPaaS) solution, businesses can lower their compute costs up to 30% for process requiring heavy and complex computations such as financial reporting, AI, scientific research, rendering and much more

For Developers

Gath3r’s turn-key solution for developers and enterprises offers the possibility to seamlessly integrate with our blockchain and create entirely new platforms or applications, based on our technology while benefiting from Gath3r’s network of publishers via merged mining.

Ensure Transparency

After our code has been installed on the website, your visitors have the option to choose if they want to participate. They can opt to permit the usage of some of their spare GPU or CPU power to mine while they’re browsing as usual, with no impact on the user experience or the user’s processing unit.

Join The Club

The innovative web-mining monetization approach has already been adopted by over 50,000 websites, including some of the biggest, such as Unicef and Piratebay.




Gath3r Introductory Video

We invite you to enjoy our easy way to Optimize The Way You Monetize. Check out our video!

Cutting-edge benefits

Serves as a nonintrusive addition to ad revenue - or, if you choose, empowers you to go ad free

Delivers income based on the number of visitors to your website or application, not the number of ads you display

Provides sustainable income growth, with a platform that can handle virtually unlimited websites or applications with all their users

Improves the user experience with fewer or no ads

Lowers your business’ compute costs up to 30% for processes requiring complex computations with CPaaS

Enables you to reward your visitors to build user loyalty and increase user time on your site or app

Set up and run nodes that generate GTH. Help secure the network and receive monthly rewards through staking

Merged mining, a unique feature that only Gath3r provides, increasing profitability

Turn-key solution for integrating with the GTH blockchain

Use Cases

Charity / Donation

One of the biggest charitable organizations has just started accepting cryptocurrency as donations. People visit the website and donate their spare computational power. It’s an ingenious and beneficial use of web-browser mining, and we expect that many more will follow and adopt Gath3r.

Content Websites & Blogs

Until now, many webmasters and bloggers who want to monetize their websites have had the sole option to show ads, which significantly disrupts the look and feel of the website. The form of monetization has also become difficult because of competition. Gath3r delivers the alternate or additional form of monetization webmasters and bloggers need – and without degrading the look of the platform.

Streaming Sites

Today, with high-speed fibre internet, people want to stream everything online. Although the biggest platforms are Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are many others. These platforms provide high traffic volume. By adopting Gath3r, the owners can turn the traffic into a nice profit, without intrusive ads and the resultant detriment to user experience.

Mobile Applications

Millions of applications on both Android and IOS platforms are currently plagued by ads, which degrade the user experience. Yet most app developers depend on the ads because they can’t charge for the app itself. The Gath3r platform can provide mobile app developers with the same monetization it provides to webmasters and bloggers, along with improvements in the user experience that result from fewer or no ads.


Businesses and developers can create decentralized platforms by integrating with the Gath3r chain. We offer a turn-key solution to help with this process. By using Gath3r, new chains do not have to worry about securing hash- power and benefit from the in-built smart-contracts and interoperability. Businesses can lower compute costs significantly with CPaaS.

Chain security

Take advantage of Proof of work grade security, without the drawbacks commonly associated with new chains. This can include low hashrate, Double spend attacks, better known as 51% attacks.